Long story short:

I do art.

But this is my graphic design site, which is also art, although of a different kind, and the difference is something no one seems to be able to explain, but hey, you know it when you see it, right?

So if you are more interested in art than design, please go to my other site: realitygrid.com


Now, if you are still here, I also do graphic design.
The usual stuff: logos, brands, books, labels, brochures, ads, packaging, web sites, matchbook covers, etc.

I also write.
The usual stuff: ads, brochures, scripts, tweets, blogs, emails, letters home, expense reports, etc.

I also think strategically, tactically and obsessively about all of the above—when I am asked.

And after 25 years, I'm pretty darn good at it. So, please have a look at these pages. If anything resonates, click the dog. (Gently.)

Oklahoma City